Gearbox Monitoring Kit

Gearbox Monitoring Kit

Product code: OQ-GEA-1
Remove the need for extensive gearbox oil sampling and predict future maintenance.
Gearbox Monitoring Kit
Gearboxes are prevalent in many industrial and heavy-duty applications, and are expected to perform under conditions of high temperature and heavy loads and in environments often contaminated with dirt, process debris and water. Gearboxes are often critical to production, oil contamination can lead to premature bearing wear, meaning frequent replacement of parts and additional oil changes. This can prove very costly especially in the event of unplanned downtime and the associated losses in productivity.

The Tan Delta Gearbox Monitoring Kit combines core patented oil-sensing technologies in an easy-to-deploy, ‘fit and forget’ product, designed specifically for gearbox application. The advanced technology detects the earliest signs of bearing failure, allowing the operator to carry out maintenance at the optimal point, maintaining gear-shaft alignment and ultimately protecting the entire gear system. Implementing the Tan Delta Gearbox Monitoring Kit will allow 24/7 online oil analysis to monitor gearbox wear and contamination, and can prove to be a crucial means for preventing gearbox failure, reducing downtime and controlling maintenance costs.

The Gearbox Monitoring Kit includes a single OQSx sensor and a single OQDe display with all of the necessary cables for configuration and installation. Robust and easy to install, the OQSx and OQDe are the perfect partnership.

Main features:

  • The OQDe displays and logs up to 800,000 real time data records from the OQSx with parameters including; oil quality, temperature and rate of change.
  • With configurable quality level alerts monitoring confidence is guaranteed.
  • Stored data can be downloaded through physical connection or via Bluetooth.
  • Constructed from robust and rugged materials the IP67 rated enclosure and high quality industrial connectors making the unit fit for purpose in any industrial application.
  • Fully certified and manufactured to high quality British Standards

Code OQ-GEA-1
Weight 0.46kg
OQDe Display Dimensions 120mm x 66mm x 42mm (L x W x H)
OQSx Sensor Dimensions 90mm x 37mm (L x W)
Rating IP67 Rated when connected
Power 9-30 V DC Average Power Consumption 0.4w.
Operating Temperature -30°C (-22°F) to +65°C (+149°F)
External Pressure 0 bar (0 psi) to 20 bar (290 psi)
Fluid Pressure up to 20 bar (290 psi)
Analogue Output 2x4-20mA (current syncing, passive input)
Digital Output 1xRS485: 9600 baud half duplex, Modbus protocol supported on RS485, CANbus: CANopen protocol supported on RS485